Our Mission

CCE is a company with values.  With the end-user always in mind, we take special care to address all the details contained within every phase of an integrated development project.

CCE invests in social well-being.  Around the world, our focus is on the potential positive impact that each project we develop has on the quality of life, social development, and natural environment of the surrounding local community.  At CCE we take pride in knowing the projects we undertake create a positive impact in people's lives and well-being.

CCE propels local development.  We are a source of employment in every one of the regions in which we operate, stimulating the local economy and providing support to local families.  We supervise and train employees, using the local labor force to fill the majority of jobs generated for public works projects we undertake.

CCE delivers progress.  Through a variety of health, educational, recreational, transportation, and agricultural projects, we bring progress to the local community in each of the countries that we operate in. 

CCE protects the environment.  With every project we carry out, our responsibility to protect the natural environment goes beyond the standard industry norms and regulations.  At CCE, protecting the environment is our duty.